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Jarrett and his boyfriend make a porno Randy blue

In this hot scene Jarrett invited his boyfriend over to meet the crew from randyblue. They both fantasized about having a guy watch them fuck each other. Jarrett gets the action rolling by kissing his boyfriend, and stroking his hard cock with his mouth. Before it’s over both boys have had explosive orgasms and it [...]

Two hot frat boys sucking each other off and more

Christian and Leo are roommates both boys have been turned on by each other for a while walking around in just their underwear was driving them both nuts. One day Christian suggested that they have gay sex with each other so they can know what it feels like to be with a boy. Leo was [...]

Gabrielle is horny as fuck and his boyfriend was out of town

Gabrielle is used to getting off two or three times a day but with his boyfriend out of town he was left to masturbate. He went down to do his laundry and found his neighbor hanging out bored with nothing to do. Gabrielle took the opportunity to have this boys ass his boyfriend might never [...]

A horny powerful man jerking off next to the pool

This hot hunk needed to cool down after a long day at the construction site, so he made himself a cocktail and slowly started taking his clothes off. Before long the hot sun had his big prick rock hard and ready for action, he took matters into his own hands and gave us one hell [...]

Hot muscular stud showing off his bubble butt

Armando gives you a front row seat to his erotic jack off session. His smooth body and colossal six-pack speak volumes of the size of his cock it’s beautiful. When he gets up and turns around to show the camera his asshole your mouth will drool. Please bookmark this blog today!

Byron and his lover sucking cock and fuck

Two horny blonde twinks both are extremely horny and frustrated after a night out partying they end up in Byron’s bed with hardons! Byron takes the lead by sucking his friends cock until it’s fully hard and throbbing. He then rims this sweet boy’s asshole before fucking him long and hard. Please bookmark our blog [...]

Pierre is a seasoned gay porn star with a huge cock

Pierre and Ben met during a photo shoot for a popular gay magazine. Both seen each other another video shoots and Ben thought Pierre was a hottie that he would like to fuck. After the photo shoot was over Ben invited this cutie out for a drink, it was obvious these two needed to go [...]

Sexy construction worker takes advantage of his alone time

Bruce is at work and no one’s around; he did not have sex over the weekend and is horny as hell. He decides since the boss is away he might as well jerk off at work. He oils up his muscular body before taking his big cock in his hand and jerking off. Check back [...]

Horny powerful black man masturbating near the pool

Alex got home from work and was restless he changed clothes a couple of times thinking he would go out and find a trick to fuck. As he was putting on his jeans his cock got rock hard, he goes out and takes a dip in the pool to cool off with no luck so [...]

Travis and Chad are in town for a photo shoot

Travis and Chad both the modeling work in LA they decided that they would try making a porno for the first time. They both heard of Randy blue and thought this would be the place to do it. It didn’t take long before they were a hot 69 sucking cock with Chad bending over and [...]